Christmas at The Cottage - ANGELS 
Stitched Angels for your tree or to decorate your home all year long

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Angel-country threads
  archived copy

Angel Beaded Safety Pin - beads

Angel Bell (C)

Angel Dishcloth

Angel Lace Bookmark

Angel Bookmark (c)

Angel Dishcloth(C)

Angelic Pin (C)

Angel made out of something very unusual ladies!
archived copy

Angel Ornament (K) knitting on the net

Angel O Tulle

Angel Prayer - x-stitch - can be made in Christmas colors

Angel Pattern and crafts  (painted)

Bev's "Crafting Angel"  (C)

Bev's Tiny Pocket Sized Muggin Dolly (K) Can be made in white for an angel!

Button Angel (C)

Clothespin Angel (C)

Coffee Filter Angel

Felt Angel Bear

Flat Angel (C)
archived copy

Guardian Angel Pin (C)'

Heart Angel (C) - made from 3 hearts

Heavenly Angel Bookmark (C)

Janelle's Dishcloth Angel #1 (C)

Kitchen Angel -
  archived copy  dishtowel and cloth

Knitted Angel from Knitting on the net

Lacy Angel Ornament (C)

Lee Ann's Angel Hot Pad Potholder(C)

Little Angel(C)

Little Angel Bookmark(C)

Little Angel Ornament(C)

Little Bobbles Angel(C)

Lollipop Angel(C)

Lora's Angel(C)

Magic Fingers Glove Angel

Meri's Chenille Christmas Angel

Never Forget Angel Pin (C)

Painted Angel Bulb

PaperClip Angel 

Ribbon Angel

Robbie's Crocheted Angel ARCHIVED COPY  (C)

Sampler Chart with Angels

Several angels on 1 page
(C and more)

Small Angel -

Snow Angels (Beadwork)

Stuffed Angel Doll (K)

Sweet Little Angel (K)

Tassel Angel Ornaments

Tina's Angel Dishcloth (K)

Tiny Angel (C)

Tiny Angel  (can be x-stitched into hats etc. too)

YoYo Angel -

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