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This page is to honor all the victims of the Oct 1, 2017 shooting in Vegas.. and now expanding to include other senseless, murders commited recently by evil people (Nov 5, 2017). We are praying for all affected, whether it is for the wounded, or for families who have lost loved ones, or friends, or those who attended the concert who will never be the same.

Crafters are some of the kindest most caring people in the world, and we are here to honor the 547 who were killed or injured, by creating 588 items people people in need, wherever we live around the world.  Come back each day to see how we are doing.  The items do need to be handmade to be counted on this page.  Each handmade item is like a candle lit, in the dark, bringing light back to a darkening world!  

What can I make?  whatever YOUR charities need. (Please do not send items to Bev!)  It might be warm blankets, or hats and scarves for the homeless or preemie baby hats for your local NICU or...?  If you have nowhere local to take things, there are a few charities listed below who you may wish to help. 

How do I let you know when they are completed?  Just let me know here  ( , and use crafters4vegas as your subject line. I would love to hear about the charities you are helping with your items!. As I receive numbers I will add them to our COUNTS each day.  Thank you to everyone who participates in this challenge. You are changing the world!

Goal = 547 handmade items  (Let's see how many we can make before Dec 1, 2017)
Items made so far:
5 Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sing a beautiful tribute to the victims of Las Vegas Shooting


 So far items are being made for Millie's Soup Kitchen , Preemies of the Carolinas , Covered With LoveOnline Angels
#hats4minneapolis , veterans in Valor House, , Noah's Blessing Box, SLC Dream Center    Warm Up America -tiny hats project , Operation Christmas Child   Phoenix Rescue Mission, Bronx Lebanon Hospital, children in Nicaragua., Little Hats, Big Heart -American Heart Assoc.

* COPYRIGHT: Bev's Country Cottage pages  - All Rights Reserved. All content is copyrighted to original creators. Do NOT post this pattern in its entirety, or any on Bev's Country Cottage on any media BUT you may LINK to it.  You may print out copies of pages for yourself, or for charity; please send your friends here.  You may sell items made using patterns copyrighted to Beverly Qualheim.