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Bev's Freestyle Hat and Matching Scarf
Copyright Beverly Qualheim 2006, 2016 - All Rights Reserved
Size 9 knitting needles
1 1/2 oz of Lion Brand Woolese Yarn
(2 sizes School kids, Teens/adults)
Cast on 64 (84) sts
Row 1: K2, P2 across, ending in p2
Repeat row 1 for 4 (8) rows total
Rows 5-28 (9-38): Do stockinette st (knit one row, purl one row, knit one row etc).
To make the pattern, randomly knit a few sts on the purl side, and purl a few sts on the knit side.  (Do this every 4th and 5th row)
Row 29 (39): Change colors.  Decrease 5 sts evenly across row.
Rows 30-35 (40-50): Just stockinette st.
Rows 36, 37(51, 52): Change back to original color.  Randomly knit and purl across row - decreasing 5 sts evenly across on row 36.
Row 38 (53): knit
Row 39 (54): Purl
Row 40 (55): Knit. Dec 5 sts evenly across row.
Row 41 (56): Purl
Row 42 (57): Randomly knit and purl again.
Row 43 (58): Randomly knit and purl.
Row 44 (59): Decrease so there are 16 sts left
Row 45-53 60-68): Stockinette st for top notch.
Cast off.
Sew side seam.
Weave a piece of yarn through row 44 and pull tightly, then tie in a knot for top notch.

Bev's Random-Stitch Scarf

Copyright Beverly Qualheim 2005, 2016 - All Rights Reserved
Size 9 knitting needles
Cast on 18 (24) sts
(2 sizes- children, teens/adults)
(always start and end each row with knit 3)

Rows 1 -3: knit across each row:
Row 4: Knit 3, purl across to last 3 sts- knit those.
Row 5: Knit 3 and then knit each st across.
Row 6: repeat row 4
Row 7: repeat row 5
Keep on in this pattern, randomly knitting a couple of sts here and there, on the purl rows, and randomly purling a couple of sts on the knit rows, to form the 'bumps'.
Continue until scarf is 36 (48) " long.

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