Infant / Preemie Scratch Mitts
Mary Strouse Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved

1  12-peg thumb loom (I used Décor Accents)
Yarn, small amount (may use either knitting worsted, sport, or baby yarns)
Knitting tool
Large-eye yarn needle
Ribbon or I-cord for ties (approx. 12 inches for each mitt)

Abbreviations / Definitions
Working yarn:  Yarn coming from the skein or ball
1/1:  One loop over one loop
1/2:  One loop over two loops
2/1:  Two loops over one loop


  1. Leaving approximately a 2-foot tail, make a slipknot and place on Peg 1.
  2. With working yarn, e-wrap Pegs 2-12.  Place end of working yarn on thumb tack.  There will be one loop on each peg.
  3. Picking up the 2-foot tail, e-wrap in opposite direction from Peg 12 to Peg 1.  Attach end of tail to thumb tack and pick up working yarn.   There are two loops on each peg.
  4. With working yarn, e-wrap Pegs 1-12.  Attach yarn to thumb tack.  You will now have 3 loops on each peg.
  5. With knitting tool, knit off 1/2 (one loop over two) Pegs 1-12. (Two loops on each peg)
  6. Pick up working yarn and e-wrap Pegs 1-12.  There are 3 loops on each peg.
  7. With knitting tool, knit off 2/1 (two loops over one) Pegs 1-12. (One loop remains on each peg.  This completes the edging.


  1. E-wrap Pegs 1-12.  Knit off 1/1 (one loop over one)
  2. Repeat step 8 for 3 more rounds.  (This completes the Cuff. Cuff will be 4 rounds total)

Eyelets or Beading

  1. With knitting tool, pick up loop from Peg 2 and place on peg 1.  Pick up and place loop from Peg 5 onto Peg 4.  Pick up and place loop from Peg 8 onto Peg 7.  Pick up and place loop from Peg 11 onto Peg 10.  (You will have 4 pegs with no loops, 4 pegs with one loop, and 4 pegs with two loops)  Do not e-wrap yet.
  2. Knit off 1/1 Pegs 1, 4, 7, and 10. (only the pegs with two loops)
  3. E-wrap Pegs 1-12.  (4 pegs will have only 1 loop; the other 8 pegs will each have 2 loops)
  4. Knit off 1/1 Pegs 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12.  (again, only those pegs with two loops) Now all pegs have only one loop.  This completes the eyelets or beading.

 Hand or Main Body

  1. E-wrap Pegs 1-12.
  2. Knit off 1/1.
  3. Repeat steps 14 and 15 until 12 rounds have been completed.
  4. Take working yarn and wrap around the outside of loom 1 ½ times for length of yarn and cut.  Thread yarn needle and remove loops from pegs by gathering method.  Before snugging too tight, run yarn through all loops a second time.  Snug down, bring needle through “hole” in the tip, and turn mitt inside out.  Tie a couple knots to finish off and run end of yarn through the tip-end loops again before snipping the yarn. 
  5. Weave the remaining “tail” from the beginning in a little zig-zag through the edging and snip. 
  6. Turn right side out again and weave ribbon or I-cord through eyelets/beading.  VOILA! One mitt done; make another to match.

 These mitts took me about an hour to make.  But then, again, I don’t do for speed—I do for relaxation.  I am curious to find out, though, how many pairs of mitts a full skein will yield.


Other uses for these mitts:

  1. Tooth fairy pouches: Make the mitts in white yarn with white ribbon. Child puts tooth inside; next morning find surprise from tooth fairy.
  2. Mommy memory pouch:  Mom can place a lock of baby’s hair wrapped in acid-free tissue paper in the “pouch” (or other memento).
  3. Amulet bag: Just add a long neck chain or I-cord in place of the ribbon through the eyelets.  Can also use some funky yarns or scraps for this.
  4. Can be worn on the lapel with pretty safety-pin jewelry (holding a wallet-size picture of a loved one inside or lock of hair)
  5. Shoe sachets: Use a square of nylon netting with fragrance beads or potpourri or cloth with scented powder placed inside the pouch and tuck into the toes of your shoes when traveling.
  6. Drawer/closet sachets:  see #5.  Place in your bureau drawer or hang by ribbon from your hangers in the closet.
  7. Make in holiday colors to fit the season.  Hang on Christmas tree with “love notes” or small gift inside.
  8. Table favors. Fill with little goodies.  Great for birthdays.  One suggestion for Valentines or engagement party:  in each pouch put a Hershey Hug, Hershey Kiss, and a Dove Promise candies---you will have “a hug, a kiss, and a promise”.  Can also use for visit teaching in Relief Society this way too—little message, magnet, treat, etc.

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