Easy Knitted Preemie Blanket
Designed by Aunt B - Copyright 2006 - All Rights Reserved Reprinted on Bev's Country Cottage with permision

NOTE: Sorry there is no picture, but, I will attempt to explain it to you :o)
The blanket has a 1-1/2 inch border around edges done in the seed stitch. And the inside is done in a variation
of the garter eyelet stitch. My version will look the same on both sides of the blanket.

Super Soft 4 Ply Worsted
Size 10 needles
Seed stitch = Row 1... (k1 st, p1 st) across Row 2...k the k sts, p the p sts.
CO 72 sts
Row 1-10...seed st across
Row 11...seed st over 9 , place a marker, p 54, place marker, seed st over 9
Row 12...seed st to first marker, sl marker, p to next marker, sl marker, seed st to end
Row 13...seed st to first marker, sl marker, (k 1, yo, k2tog) across to next marker, seed st to end
Repeat rows 11-13 till piece measures 14 inches
Work 10 rows of seed st
Cast off

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