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Christmas at The Cottage - Gifts 

ALSO, be sure to look at Bev's CRAFTSY pattern store filled with wonderful, inexpensive patterns that would make lovely gifts!


2-Needle Mittens   (K)  for women Bev's old pattern from Mum

Adult Bib clothing protector (S)

Baby Christmas Tree hat and matching Elf Booties (K) totally adorable! Patti is so talented!

Bev's Really Easy Scarf (C actually there are 2 of them!  Both warm and easy!

Bev's EASY Fleece Blanket! -   No sewing, no crocheting, no knitting - just tying knots!

Crocheted mittens, hats and scarves  (C)  that can be whipped up in a jiffy!

Crocheted Women's hats  (C

Hat 'n Mitts (knitted) (K)

Elfin Newborn hat and booties (C)  from P2

Fleece Ear Warmers

Girls crocheted Poncho - (C)   They are back and all the rage!

Girls In a Jiffy Jacket - (C

Granny Square Jacket for ladies   -  with shawl collar (C)

Hippy Dippy Granny Hat  (C)

Leg Warmers -   (C) crocheted

Men's Tie  (C) archived

Men's Knitted Tie -(K)

Men's Tie on a Knitting Machine - (KM)

Quick Knit Socks (K

Reindeer Slippers(K)

Remote Control Holder  (C archived

Rob's Headbands (knit or crochet) (C

Santa Hat for  3-6 month babies - (C)

Santa Mittens  (C)

Santa Slippers (C)

Scarf  (C)  snuggly and soft!

Shawl a knitted shawl from Woolworks

Slippers to make for the whole family  

Snowman Hat for Babies - knit

Woman's Sweaters-several

PONCHOS and Shawls - (K)  (C
many of them!  And almost everyone wants one of these this year!


BEARS Knitted Bear  (K)

Angel Bear   (C) 7" tall with dress!) at NanaBears site

Adorable Sewed Panda Bear

Baby's First bear (C)

Basic Finger Puppet pattern  (K)

Bear Finger Puppet - - (C)

'Bear Hugs' ~ (S) pattern and instructions
<----- Bear-PairTeddy Bears   (K) special quick-knit pattern to make for charity. (Photo to left!)

Berrocco's Plush Bear - (K)

Blossom The Bear - sewed

Boo-Boo Bear

Bubby Bear at    (K)

CareWear Bear   (K)

Chenille Bear to crochet   (C) OFFsite at Yarncat

Cuddles Bear

Danish Nisse Dolls (K)  archived copy

Double Knit Bears  (K)'s Little Bear (K) 

Kunin Bears to sew - blossom bear  (S) 

Little Crocheted Teddy Bear  (C)

Little Boo-Boo Bear

Little Knit Bear (can see photo in Explorer)

Lion Brand's Chenille Bear- (C)

Lion Brand Tiny Chenille Teddy - (C)

Mama and Baby bear- sewed  (S)

Mikki Bear - sewed (S)

Mr.Bean Bear! (K)   (new address) the famous brown bear from Mr. Bean! (photo)

Pookie Bear with Blanket  (C)

Rosie Bear  (C)

Rupert The Bear  (K)

Scrappy Bear- (C) wonderful pattern!   Archived copy- no photo

Tiny Sewed Teddy Bear (S)

Tiny Chenille Bear  (C)

Sandi Marshall's Crocheted Bear  (C) from

Sew-a-Bear (bevs)  (S) free pattern to make a very easy Teddy Bear to donate to hospitals, police,wherever they are needed.

Sewn Bear pattern   (S)   from careware.

Teddies For Tragedies (K) 12" teddies are knitted or crocheted by volunteers. Free Patterns on this site and more info.

Tiny Teddy Bear (Bev's)  (C)  Great for stockings, craft shows, or  to donate to Children's Hospitals.

Teddy for Babies good for the youngest member of the family.

8 Inch baby pattern

Aunt B's Sock Doll and clothes - (S and C)

Bev's Tiny Pocket Sized Muggin Dolly (K) 

BEV's Snuggly Dolly!    (C) special quick-crochet pattern to make for a children's hospital or shelter near you.

Bev's LULU the Loomed Doll -  (RKN)

Bev's Church baby dolly  (S)

Bassinet Purse  (C) (no photo)

Bazaar Clown Doll  (C) NEW!

Black Haired Dolly (knit)

Bliss's Dolly -knitted

Blond Haired Tot (knit)

Cradle Purse (C)archived

Curly The Clown (C) NEW!

Cybertot sewn doll

Dolls (sewing pattern),

<-----'DollyHugs' - great pattern and instructions 

Easy Knit Doll

Easy Sock Dolls

Fat Ginger Bread Lady Doll (knit)
Clown Doll - (S)

Clown Dolly from Granny 2 shoes - (C)   NEW!

Golly - old fashioned doll  (K)  we had these when we were little girls in England and we loved them so much.

"Hello Kitty" Look alike (offsite) Knit and so adorable! archived copy

Humanitarian Doll - (S) basic sewed.  Idea and info from LDS Humanitarian

Knit clown doll

Lulu - the Loomed Dolly - (KL) using a bootie, mitten or blue KK newborn knitting loom, make this adorable dolly

Nana's Knitted Doll - (K) very simple design and cute as a button!

Raggedy Ann and Andy - 20" tall- crocheted! (C)   NEW!

Save the Children - Denmark TEDDY BEAR (K)
Easiest dolly!

<-----  Small Crochet Doll for charity - (C)   Bev's FAVE for LDS humanitarian!  by Gail Mayes.

Spiral Man - (C)  twisty and cute - can be made in many colors. I think he looks like Elmo or Grover.if made in those colors.

Stripey Pocket Pal dolly - at moonarts (K) NEW!

Quick dolly Emmy

Red Haired Tot (knit)

Sock Babies


Bag of Balls - - (C)

(Bev's) Hacky Sack/Footbag  (C)  boys love them! (girls do too!)

Hacky Sack   (C)crocheted July 4th hacky sack

Grab-Ball for babies (S)

Wooly Ball

Cool Chicken - (C) 

Cradle Purse - (C) 

Easter Bunny - (C) 

Knitted Square Bunny (K) 

Martie's Tub Buds ~ washcloth puppets!

Mouse - (C) 

Irene's Bunny - (C)

Polly Pee Wee's kittys (sewed)

Pooska the Cat (C) 

Sock Monkey   (C) so adorable!  NEW!

Sock Monkey with red heel socks  (S)

Sock Elephant (S)

CLOTHES to make for Teddy and dolls

Beanie Bear hat, sweater, leggings -
(K)  NEW!

Bev's BARBIE and Fashion Doll patterns

Cabbage Patch Dress   (C)  archived copy- no photo

Cabbage Patch Doll Ensemble   (C)  archived copy

Free Hat and Scarf pattern

Pilgrim Outfit for Mrs Bear   (C) 

Romper and hat

Sweaters and such for bears (K) 


Animal Puppets - sewn

Bunny with Loops Puppet (C)NEW!

Carewear Finger Puppets  (C)

Farm Animal finger puppets (C)

Panda Finger Puppet - (C)

Pig and Lion Finger puppets  (C)

Washing Puppets  would be good for the tub or regular page (S)  

70's Curly Hair pretties (Perfect stocking stuffer for little girls)
Angel treats-Apothecary Jar
Back Scrubber - cotton, also a bath puff!  Wonderful gifts! (at Priscillas)
Bath Salts, bubble bath etc.  Make your own
Bell with Knot Stitches Towel Topper Pattern 
Card-Box with lid --  made from leftover Christmas Cards
Christmas Tree potholder

Christmas Tree Towel Topper - 
Dish Cloth crocheted from scraps of cotton yarn. 
Dish Cloth - double crochet

Entire Bath set ~ bath puff, back scrubber, face cloth, face scrubber and soap saver!
Foot scrubber ~ crocheted with plastic canvas cord!
Friendship Bracelets
Gifts in a Jar
Granny Square Earrings
Holly Leaf Scrunchie for hair
Holiday Note Holder (no photo)
Keychain holder for your lip balm!  so fast and easy to whip up!!
Lights in a Jar - Bev's

Pansy Bookmark   (C)
Peace Dove
Holiday Sale
Pet Blanket (crochet)
PillowGhans   (C)

Poinsettia Afghan (not so quick-but lovely!)
Potholder - Christmas Tree 
Potholder - Stocking
Really Quick Crochet slippers!
Remote Control Holder ~ no photo, but good for the man in your life!
Remote Control Cozy ~    (C) with photo
Rosary   (C)
Simple Napkin Rings ~ make in holiday colors!
Scented Hot Pad at sewing
Scented Hot Pad/mat 

Snowman Bookmark
Snowman Earmuffs
Snowman (crocheted)
Snowman POOP  (poem and instructions)
Snowman SOUP
Soap Saver
Torte the Turtle Back Scrubber
Towel Angel
Water Bottle Holder!  (C)

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