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copyright Bev Qualheim 2003, 2017 - All Rights Reserved

Measures 3" across.  Crochet lots of colored roses to jazz up a sweatshirt or tote bag! I also made several
to place on metal barrettes for my daughters. Just leave off the stem and then tie or glue on.

Crochet hook size G
4 ply yarn (scraps are fine)
Ch 6, join with a sl st.
RND 1: Ch 5, *dc into ring, ch 2, rep from * 7 times (8 spaces).
RND 2: Ch 2, *3 dc, sc in 1st ch-2 sp; rep from *7 times (8 petals).
RND 3: Ch 3, *sc into middle back of petal of rnd 2, ch 2; rep from * 7 times. (8 spaces).
RND 4: Ch 2, 4 dc, and 1 sc into the ch 3, *(sc, 4 dc, sc) into next ch-2 sp,  rep from *7 times, slip stitch into base of nearest stitch. (8 petals). Fasten off and weave yarn tail into back of flower, or leave to tie flower onto barrette.  This can be sewn or tied onto a little hat at this point.

Join dark green for stem and ch 8. End off.  Glue with hot glue to a hair clip/barrette.


Bev's Quick Flower 
copyright Bev Qualheim 2003, 2017 - All Rights Reserved

Use pretty worsted weight yarn, scraps 
Size G hook 
Ch 5, join, * ch 6, 1 sc in ring, repeat from * 5 or 6 times, fasten. 
You vary the size by adding more chains and make a few more petals.  Sew onto the side of a hat.  You could also use Green yarn and using a sewing chain stitch, to make the stem. 


Tiny Crocheted Flower
copyright Bev Qualheim 2003, 2017 - All Rights Reserved
This is the tiniest, sweetest little flower you will ever make. Make several very quickly.
They would be perfect on homemade stationery, or on a place card at your dinner table, perhaps stitched on a hankie.
J & P Coats crochet thread #30 (several different colors), and #10 steel crochet hook.
  • Ch 5, join with sl st to form a ring.
  • 1st RND: (ch 5, sc in ring) 5 times. Break off.
  • LEAF:  Attach green to any sc, ch 8, sl st 8th ch in from hook. Break off.

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