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Bev's LOOMED Mittens
loomed mitt
Mitten and thumb looms used were 'In the Attic's' 18 peg Mitten loom but they are now out of business.
Their mitten loom had 16 pegs 3/4" apart, and the thumb loom had 12 pegs 1/2" apart.


HAND  can be made flat using 16 pegs back and forth or use newborn baby loom.
Using 2 strands of (#4 worsted weight, or 1 strand of #3 and 1 of $4)  yarn together, E-Wrap around the looms twice.
Now knit 1 wrap over 1 wrap (single knit stitch) for 12 rows.
Fold up to make a cuff (brim)  Knit that row
E-Wrap again and knit 6 rows, up to the thumb.

After you have knitted off the 6th row, carefully remove the wraps from pegs 1 and 2. Thread a 4" piece of matching yarn through those 2 sts, and tie in a knot.  This leaves a 'hole' for the thumb.
E-Wrap pegs 1 and 2 twice and e-wrap the other pegs once.  Knit off.
Continue to e-wrap and knit 1 over 1, for 15 rows from thumb hole to top.
Use gathering method to remove.

THUMB  (12 peg loom)  (or go back and forth)
Using the little thumb loom, e-wrap twice around the loom.  Knit off,
Knit 9 rows total in this manner (1 over 1)
Remove with gathering method.

Flip the mitten hand inside out. 
Place the thumb in the hole provided with right sides touching each other, and whip stitch the thumb onto the hand part of the mitten.  Finish off, and flip mitten right side out again.  Make another mitten in the same way.


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