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Bev's Loomed Newborn FUN FUR Booties
Was mittens - changed mind!
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Loom used is from CinDWoods 15 peg Bootie Loom (scroll down Catalog to baby slipper $5)
1/2 oz each of Simply Soft Yarn or baby yarn AND a *GOOD QUALITY fun fur type yarn - You will be using 2 strands throughout!  Note from a nurse:

*"Please remind the knitters who may not have much contact with babies to be sure that the fake fur yarn they select for this project is good quality and not the flimsy " lash" type that comes off in your hand.. if it does, it will come off in the babies mouth, and that can be disasterous.... we have had more than a few babies back to the ER choking on paper labels, bandaids that were put on toes, etc..."

First you are making what I call a 'fake brim'. It's really a chunky braid.
Holding one strand of each type of yarn together, e-wrap the pegs around the loom 4 times, and knit off 3 wraps over 1 wrap.
Continue e-wrapping and knitting off (1 wrap over 1 wrap/ single stitch) for about 16 rows or desired length for bootie sock.

Using CinDWoods newborn bootie loom, I actually knit and knit to what I think will be the right length, and then I measure from the bottom of the loom to the beginning 'brim' and quit when it measures 4".  Bootie ends up being about 4.5" total.

REMOVE with the gathering method.

That's it! Now make another bootie.  NO CHAIN in between!

* If you are worried about choking, you can also make these with JUST the brim in the FAKE FUR... the rest of the sock would be made using 2 or 3 strands of Simply Soft or baby yarn!

This is a family safe search!

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