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loom knit purseLOOMED PURSE
Adult sized 41 peg loom
4 oz Lion Brand HomeSpun thick 4 ply yarn
Hold 2 strands together throughout.
I love the adult sized hat loom to make bags/purses.  I make the hat shape with a brim, and gather to remove.  I then crochet a tie or make an I-cord to weave in an out of the top just under the brim.  It makes an adorable bag!

E-wrap each peg around twice.
Knit off lifting 1 wrap over 1 wrap until for
Knit 12 rows. 

Make a BRIM. 
* To make a BRIM - photo on right:
Lift the first row/beginning edge up onto the pegs, one stitch (consisting of 2 strands)  at a time.  (This will create your 2 rows you need on the loom). Don't wrap this row. 
Knit off that row.
Now, continue to wrap rows clockwise till
bag is desired length about 8"-9" long.
Now remove using gathered method.

Crochet a 24" cord or make an I-cord 24" long. 
Weave it in and out about 2" below top.

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