Prayer Shawls

A prayer shawl is a warm wrap made with love and prayers for someone who needs extra love right now. It is hoped that the recipient will feel all the love and prayers stitched into each shawl made. All of the following patterns can be made into prayer shawls.



2 Shawl patterns   (C)

Autumn Leaves Shawl   (K)

Beach Wrap (C)

Bed Cape (C) archived copy- no photos

Bed Cape - (K)

Bed Jacket -  
new location

Bell patterned Shawl

Berroco Poncho
archived but no photos

Bev's Dishcloth Shawl pattern

Brenda's Collared Shrug  (K)


Chocolate Shrug (K)

ChooChoo Poncho -

Crocheted Prayer Shawl   (C) LB- must sign in

Chunky Handspun Shawl  (K)

Everyday Shawl (C)

Fall Shawl  (C)

Feather-fan Shawl (K)

Fringed Shawl   (C)

Hearts Triangle Shawl (C)

How to Make a Shawl  (K)

It's a Wrap (C)

Kaye's Lattice Shawl (C)

Knitted Shrug  (K)

Knitted Shawl 

Lace Shawl (k)

Midnight Shawl -no photo   (C)

Modernists Lace Shawl (K)

Newlyweds Shawl (C)

On the Town Shawl (C)

Prayer Shawls at Lion Brand  (K)

Queen's Shrug (K)

Raspberry Wrap (K)

Shoulder Capelet for nursing homes at Bevs (C)

Shrug/bedjacket  (K)

SmartYarn Shawl  (C)

Splendid Triangle Shawl (K)

Spring Wrap (C)

Summer Coverup Shrug (C)

Sunset Beach Wrap (C)

Triangle Shawl (K)

Trinity Stitch Shawl  (K)

WC-Hug Shawl at Bevs (C)

Wheelchair Wrap (C)

Wrap- (C) 

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