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Aunt Gladys's Slipper Pattern


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Notice: This is a pattern that was given to me in hand written form with a few unclear areas that I have tried to clarify.  Gladys and I hereby give permission to copy and distribute this pattern without charge or fee and at the user's own risk, provided this notice remains intact and that any changes are clearly documented and that full credit is given to Mrs. Gladys Falk and Mr. Roger Carlson for their work to develop the original pattern.   Enjoy!
Gladys and Roger

Materials: 1 pair #9 needles (US Sizes)
1 skein of worsted weight yarn per pair of slippers
Size: Main instructions are for women's slippers with men's slipper sizes in parenthesis
Procedure: Slippers are knitted using two strands of yarn to obtain double thickness

Cast on 29(35) stitches
1st row: K 9(11), P 1, K 9(11), P 1, K 9(11)
2nd row: Knit across
Repeat rows 1 and 2 17(19) times for a total of 36(40) rows
Next row: K 1, P 1 across
Next row: P 1, K 1 across
Repeat last two rows 8(9) times for a total of 18(20) rows in this pattern
Next row: ( K 1, P 1 ) 3X(4X), K 1, K 2 TOG, P 1, SSK,  ( K 1, P 1 ) 2X(3X), K 1, K 2 TOG, P 1, SSK,( K 1, P 1 ) 3X(4X), K 1 - 25(31) stitches on needle
Next row: ( P 1, K 1 ) 3X(4X), P 2, K 1, P 1, ( P 1, K 1 ) 2X(3X),P 2, K 1, P 1, ( P 1, K 1 ) 3X(4X)
Next row: ( K 1, P 1 ) 3X(4X), K 2 TOG, P 1, SSK,P 1, K 1, P 1, K 2 TOG, P 1, SSK,( P 1, K 1 ) 3X(4X) - 21(27) stitches on needle
Next row: P 2 TOG 10X(13X), P1 - 11(14) stitches on needle

Break off yarns leaving approximately three times the length of the slipper. Run yarn through the 11(14) stitches, remove stitches from needle and pull up snug.        Sew the top of the slipper together across the last 22(24) rows.        Sew up the back of the slipper. Add a pom-pom if desired.

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