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LDS Humanitarian/Charities
All content is copyrighted to original creators. You may print out copies of pages for you, or for charity. 
You may sell items made using patterns copyrighted to Beverly Qualheim.

If you are looking for opportunites to serve in your area, go to 
Through our outreach we can help millions worldwide.

Love One Another- as Jesus Loved us

Many have been asking me, WHY just LOCAL now?  The answer from the humanitarian page:

 Old Archived patterns from LDS Humanitarian  

Donate Items for Local Community Efforts
"In response to emergencies, (LDS) Church leaders often provide Church members opportunities for service. Members close to the affected area, or even in neighboring countries, assemble humanitarian kits and make other needed items. Service that responds to humanitarian needs locally is more effective because:
  • Expensive freight costs are avoided.
  • Needed materials arrive at the affected area more quickly.
  • Locally purchased materials are generally more culturally appropriate.
  • Local membership can be mobilized rapidly.
In seeking to help organizations in your own community, you may learn of items they could use that you may be able to make or acquire. Find out what they need and help them as you can. It is not usually helpful for you to make things and then go looking for an organization that can use those items."

CLICK HERE to see what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is doing worldwide via Latter-day Saint Charities, to help those in need.

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"Having that desire to reach out to those who are living in tragic situations is a gift.
Knowing how you can specifically help, and doing so, is the greater gift from God."  Bev Qualheim

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is asking that we donate to our local charities now, and
they are not asking for specific items anymore. 

Knitting and crocheting patterns for charity below

More about the change in LDS Humanitarian donations...
  •  Jan 2012- from Sister Spencer at the Humanitarian Center in SLC " The model for church welfare/humanitarian service is perfectly outlined in Elder Uchtdorf’s talk from last Priesthood Session (April 2012) and yes… serving local is the key."

 Humanitarian Helpers Blog (Vegas area)-- not updated much but some good info.

NEWBORN BOOTIES for your local hospitals

and all sizes of  Mittens for kids

  Simple to make ~  Burrito Baby Doll pattern -for your local hospitals, police & fire stations

Pony Tail Holders

Colors quiet book

Quiet Book at Bevs Country Cottage

The QUIET BOOK blog - fabulous!

Naptime Book

Quiet Book at Martha Stewart

Quiet Book at Newconceptions

Sewed FLAT Crib Sheets
"There are no fitted corners (because the rest of the world does not necessarily use our standard crib mattresses or even mattresses for that matter).  They should be 42"-45" x 72", hemmed on the short ends, either surged or rolled hem; selvage sides may be left unsewn.  (when we are sewing a huge amount of sheets at the Center, we do not tear off the side to make a 45" width 42".  By leaving the extra inches, we then don't have to hem the sides (using the selvage edges).)  They should be made of cotton or cotton blends or flannel and should not be pieced, if possible.  They should also not be made with scary patterns that might frighten the children that sleep on them! "  Thanks to Bev F for this updated information.

Dress-a-Girl-Around The world 


Quilting Guidelines

Quilt info from LDS Humanitarian (Feb. 2010)
"Un-used fabric, preferably cotton blends or flannel. High-loft bonded batting is preferred. Quilts may be quilted or tied with yarn ties about 4 inches apart.
Please ensure that the ties will not pull out. Do not use fabrics with prints of religious or military themes or any flags.
Approximate sizes are:
Crib 45x60 inches, Single 72x90 inches, Double 90x90 inches"

  • (from Bev) Tie with a "square knot" (and it must be a square knot-- right over left and left over right) or tie with what I call the 'Loop-di-loop' stitch - looks like \__ /   CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS; make stitches about 4 inches apart

  File Folder Games are needed - these need to be printed on 24 lb or cardstock paper, laminated and have velcro attached to the pieces and the boards.
Here are some pages with ideas for making them:   click on the column on the left

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Humanitarian Crafters  worldwide CLICK to join Cheerful-Hearts-and-Hands

  Humanitarian KITS NEEDED by many hospitals   
A good, reasonably priced place to order kit items from Mandalay International Inc
I am not affiliated with them, but have been pleased with their service and products.

OCTOBER 2007 update
PHOTOS FROM grBEV  (Thanks Bev!!)  of 'Behind the Scenes' at The Humanitarian Center in
Salt Lake City

Here is proof that your mittens reached their destination.  Sister missionaries work very hard to get the Orphanage Modules (a wood pallet piled high with boxes of clothing, toys, baby items, blankets, etc.) put together and stored in our annex for shipping around the world.

Here is one area that they put outfits(shirt, pants, underpants, booties, socks) together for boxing to go on the orphanage modules.

Orphanage items are sorted by type and size so the orders can be filled.  Bins in foreground are unsorted items.

Humanitarian mittens for kidssewn dresses
CLICK FOR Bev's Photos of Salt Lake City Humanitarian Center TOUR 2003

Photos and info on LDS Women's Conference in Provo, Utah