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Wonderful kits!


Here are some great crafting books & supplies!

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Christmas - I love it all year long!



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KIDS Books!!
  Let's get them interesting in reading!



Kids Classic TOYS!





 Great dolls to use for modeling clothes you make for hospitals etc.


Bev's Crocheted Frizbees -- A best seller!  Perfect Stocking Stuffer! :) Hours of fun for all seasons. Make them, sell them...
PATTERN for sale ... available on Etsy

frizbees by bev

 Bev's Hook Grippers--  3 beautiful, grips for you to put on your crochet hooks,  works with most sizes (B thru K), plus place on Loom knitting hooks for more comfort.  You can choose colors.  Comes with photo instructions on how to place them on your hooks.
(From a happy customer! "I received my crochet hook grips today. I loved the colors and after having used them, I love them. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so it's hard for me to crochet. The grips make it much easier! Thank you for a good product!" Beckie)

Only $10 + postage for 3 grips to put on your own hooks!  Available on ETSY

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Bev's Beautiful and useful, handmade cotton Dishcloths
Go GREEN this year! These are the best dishcloths to use!  Each one is hand-knitted with the love only 'Granny-Bev" can knit into them!  They can be thrown in your washing machine with your other laundry, and then tossed into your dryer, or simply hang them outside on your clothesline.  

Knitted with love and available in my ETSY shop!! Open 24/7




Wonderful Books!  You can click on the links and search the site, order other books etc too and Bev's Country Cottage Shop still get's credit!



TREES??!  Yup!



We love our PETS!



CLEANING Supplies!


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