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How to LOOM knit
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Updated- June 2019

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A few how-to videos

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YOU can make these adorable dolls!  Click on the picture for free pattern!

CinDWood Looms for Sale!


Purl Stitch and other basics Video at youtube
Creating a Flat Panel - at youtube

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Bev's Basic Information on loom sizes, number of pegs etc.

Newborn Loom -
Blue 24 pegs 4 3/4" diam. - is for large preemies and small newborns
Brim: 12 rows
Finished brim: 6 rows
Finished hat with brim: 15 rows tall

Baby Loom - Red 31 pegs - fits children 1 - 4
Brim: make 3" then fold up
Finished brim: 1.5"
Finished hat with brim: 6.5" to 7" tall

Child Loom - Green 36 pegs - fits kids 5+, teens, small adults
Brim: make 4" then fold up
Finished brim: 2"
Finished hat with brim: 7" to 8"  tall

Adult Loom - Yellow 41 pegs - really large heads or use to make blankets by going back and forth instead of around loom
Brim make 5" then fold up
Finished brim: 2.5"
Finished hat with brim: 8" to 9"  tall

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Making a BRIM

REMOVING hats from looms

Gathering Method Removal

BASIC E-WRAP for round loom

1) One of the keys is to anchor the yarn in the little thumb tac at the beginning of your round - I leave a 3" tail of yarn.  


Hold the loom in your hands or lap with the pegs and hole in the middle facing you.

3) Wrap LOOSELY (I place my left thumb near where I am about to wrap each stitch - see photo#1 below.  I loosely wrap the peg, and gently push the yarn/wrap down,  holding the loosely wraped yarn down until the next peg is wrapped and then I do the same with that one.)

Go CLOCKWISE around the loom to wrap. The actual peg is actually wrapped in a counterclockwise direction- under and over and around - to form a letter 'e'.  It should form a cursive letter 'e' as you wrap each one.

4) Go all around the loom, wrapping each peg ONE time, with 2 (or 3) strands of yarn.  Now you are back at the thumb tac or beginning. (Photo 1 below)
(Photo 2 shows how the wraps should look underneath.)

 (1)      underneath (2)  Underneath  

5) Start wrapping around each peg one more time for single stitch - go all around. 

***  For a tighter weave, you can use ONE strand and wrap the pegs 3 times instead of just twice (simply lift your first 'wrap' over the other 2 wraps) this gives a tighter 'knit' to the fabric and it's called DOUBLE STITCH-- (" * Double Stitch Wrap each peg 3 times. Now lift one st over 2 each time. This makes a tighter stitch than a plain Single stitch." prefered for warmer hats. 

 When you are done wrapping twice around, anchor the yarn to the tac by wrapping it around the tac again so it doesn't all unravel.

You are ready to knit.

6) Simply start at the 1st peg (one to the right of the 'tac' - clockwise - when the peg tops are facing you).  Place the hook under the first row of wrapped yarn, the first stitch.  Lift it up and over the top yarn wrap on that peg. VOILA!  One stitch made :-) You will be doing this in a CLOCKWISE direction to actually knit.   (I have left handed friends who knit counterclockwise)

7) Repeat knitting around the ring.

You have completed one row of knitting!  Now wrap each peg again once around loom.  Anchor the yarn on tac and knit another row.  You are now loom knitting!  Keep wrapping and knitting off.


Knit at least 16 rows. 
Make a BRIM.  (see photo at right)

* To make a BRIM:
Lift the first row/beginning edge up onto the pegs, one stitch (consisting of 2 strands)  at a time.  (This will create your 2 rows you need on the loom). Don't wrap this row. 
Knit off that row.
Now, continue to wrap rows clockwise after that and knit 12 more rows.

REMOVING ITEM FROM LOOM- Bev's Method 1 Makes a 'gathered top'

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3
1) When your hat, sock etc is long enough it is time to remove it from the loom.
2) Cut a yarn tail about 15" long.
3) Thread a yarn needle with yarn tail.
4) Insert needle into the 2 strand stitch left on each peg.   (figure 1)
5) Pull needle and yarn all the way through the stitch on peg.
6) Lift stitch off peg.
7) Keep removing each stitch on pegs around loom in same manner.  (Figure 2)  Gather the top and tie a little knot at end of yarn.   (Figure 3)
8) Using a crochet hook, pull the tail through to the inside of the hat, and weave it through several stitches to secure it.  Cut yarn leaving 1/2" showing inside.

SS = single stitch
DS = double stitch
CBS = chunky braid stitch
PCS = popcorn stitch
FS = Flat Stitch

Single Stitch
Wrap the yarn twice around each peg.  Lift one stitch over one to knit.  This is a looser stitch. (I often use 2 strands of yarn when doing this.)

* Double Stitch
Wrap each peg 3 times.  Now lift one st over 2 each time. This makes a tighter stitch than a plain Single stitch.

Chunky Braid Stitch
Wrap pegs four times around then knit three wrapped sts over one. (Leaves one st on the peg each time.) Next round, wrap with 3 wraps again so you have 4 sts on the pegs.  Knit 3 wraps over the one again.

Flat Stitch
Wrap pegs one time as you normally do. On the second time around, when you normally wrap, don't wrap.  You just 'lay' the yarn over each peg around the outside of the entire loom.  (This is like I do to remove the sts) Knit sts over the yarn that is just flat up against the peg. (not wrapped)

Where to buy Looms 


CinDWoods Craft Looms-- Love the wood used on these looms and the 1/2" gauge on some of them. Their 12 peg  bootie loom is fantastic!

Frameknitting - frame looms- I have not purchased their looms, but found them on a loom search.

KISS looms - I have not purchased their looms, but found them on a loom search. I have not purchased their looms, but found them on a loom search.

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