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HELPING our Armed Forces
Page updated Sept 2017


If you would like to participate in helping our brave armed forces personel, please be sure to make hats large enought to fit a man's head. The ground troops need darker, muted colors, chamo, browns, blacks, grays, navy.  Using a warm, lightweight yarn like 100% wool needs to be used so hats are warm and won't melt in heat (acrylic in yarns melts and can give the troops nasty burns!). The hats can be stuffed into a pocket, or will fit under a helmet.  Slippers of ALL colors-- bright, fun ones too, double yarn, are welcomed with open arms!  Please do NOT double yarn for warmth on hats!  These are too bulky to be worn under helmets. Doubled yarn on Slippers is good though.

VERY IMPORTANT: Bev's Country Cottage is NOT affiliated with any specific troop project, so please check with individual projects for more specific requirements.



Adult-sized Hats by Bev!  Cozy and 'cool'!

Beth's Ladies Cotton Hat -(K) really fun!

Bev's-Basic Troop Cap (K)

Bev's Boat Hat (C)

Earflap Hat
(K) Archived

Hat for Soldiers deployed to cold areas (K)

Helmet Liners
- (K) Archived - scroll down page

Operation Gratitude Patterns (K & C hats and scarves)

Patti's Ric Rac Rib (K)

USA Hat (K)

Sewn hats:

Adult/Teen Polar Fleece hat archived copy

Slippers -please be sure they have a cuff, are single crochet if crocheted, so they stay on, are warm, and no 'girly sts' like shells. 

Bulky Knitting Machine Fair Isle Slippers

Bev's EASY Crocheted slippers (C)

Bev's Men's Easy SC Slippers (C)

Easy Crocheted Slippers (C)

Frog Slippers
for adults (S) 

OperationToasty Toes Loom pattern

TROOP slippers (C)
 at operationhelpinghand

USA SLIPPERS  (K)  archived copy

MISC. (they need many cool ties in sand/desert colors)
Cool Ties

Cool Ties 2

Sew a Fast, easy Cool Tie 

"Dear Bev, I am the founder of soldiersnightingales. We work with Ohio soldiers. I noticed you have troop patterns. This one is needed more than the cooling scarf. It is A Desert Scarf. Made of 100% cotton. No mixed blends because they have to breath through it. It must be khaki only- otherwise it will stick out like a sore thumb. Plus the military has strict guide lines on colors a soldier can wear with his uniform. The scarf measures 60 inches long by 14 inches wide. You can surge or sew all edges. Its that simple. It protects them from the blowing sand and keeps sand out of their eyes,nose,ears, etc. also, the cooling scarves you have the patterns for, the soldiers can only have khaki in that also. No other colors or the soldiers cannot wear them. Even the dark chamo colors would stick out like a sore thumb in the desert. So it must be khaki. You have my permission to use this pattern on your internet site. Thank You Cheryl Eaton---Soldiers Nightingales."

Mittens - needed by some projects - please email each project to ask if they need these!

Women's Mittens (THE Mitts!) 

Bev's Marvelous Crocheted Mitts!


Patriotic Patterns to make for home and family

To make Bev's Patriotic Wreath - CLICK HERE

American pin/ribbon archived -no photo

Bev's Memorial Pin (C)

mini USA flag

USA Afghan from Lion Brand

USA Bookmark  (C)  

USA Heart Pin
(C)  archived

USA Braided Pin

USA Ribbon



Ships Project - let them know we care

Knitting for the Troops

Operation Gratitude 2017



Knit Your Bit - (Sept 2017) Making scarves for US Veterans, can be knitted or crocheted with your own patterns, or the ones they list on their website.  Please attach a note for the troop, stating who you are and such.  Great project for church groups etc.

Marine Corps Kids - (Sept 2017)  When babies are born to deployed troops, it's doubly hard for both mom and dad.  This group sends care packages to the families of deployed troops when babies are born. The packages might include a hand-crafted baby afghan, cap or bonnet, booties or toy. With sufficient resources, we'll also be able to include a handmade toy for other kids in the family.

Write to and pray for the Troops

Show support for the troops on your website and in your homes with these graphics!

Grab your Free graphic from  www.bevscountrycottage.com/support-troops.html

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