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So many Nursing Homes, Seniors Centers, and Shelters need warm items for their clients. 
Here are some patterns to help you make those.

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Prayer Shawls and ponchos
Wheel Chair Totes
Fidgit Blankets etc

Pattern code: (C)=crochet (K)=Knit (S)=sew

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Aunt Maggie's Knit Slippers  (K) my Aunt Maggie knitted many pairs of these great slippers.

Baba's Bed-Socks for Men (could work as slippers too!)

Bulky Knitting Machine Fair Isle Slippers (K)

Gladys' Slippers

Polar Fleece Slippers (S)
- archived copy

Sandal Slippers 

Quick and Easy Slippers(C)
archived copy

Quick Warm Slippers

Ankle socks-crocheted

Stout and Short Woolese Socks  (K) at Dawns

Toes Up Crocheted Socks (C) 

USA Flag Socks (K)

WW1 Sock - (K)


Crocheted Gloves by Beth 

Fingerless Gloves (K)

Grandma's Knit Gloves   
(K) sent by Michelle Howard.

LAPGHANS  (Good size is 36" x 45")

Bev's really Easy Lapghan

Blended Granny Lapghan (C)

Blushing Grannies Lapghan (C)

Charity Lapghan with Pocket (C)

Harime's Peek-a-Boo Shell Lapghan

In the round square Navajo Blanket (C)

Lacy Lapghan  (C)

LapGhanfor adults or Baby blanket! (with photo) pattern sent by a reader!

Large Granny Afghan   -
(C) perfect to make for someone who needs a bit of warming up :-)

Manly Sports Lapghan (C)

Martha's Compromise Afghan

Rectangle Granny Afghan
(C) gorgeous and fun!

Redheart knitted lapghan (K)

Redheart tranquil Lapghan (K)

Scrap Granny Octagon Lapghan (C)

Sheila's LapRobe  (C)

Textured Reversible Lapghan (C)

WheelChair shoulder wrap (C)  now at interweave.


Anne's Walker Tote  (S)

Bed Caddy   (S) archived

Ditty Bags (S)

Felted Wheel Chair tote (Stars and Stripes)  (c)

Grocery Bag Wheel Chair tote (C)

Hospital Bed Caddy (S)

Laura's Walker Bag -   (S)

Patriotic Walker tote (C)

Susie's Wheelchair tote (C)

Walker Tote -

Walker Bag  (S)  nice and big too

WheelChair Bag -
(S)  from a children's hospital- archived

Wheelchair Bag with front pocket (S)

Wheel Chair tote (C)

Wheel Chair Tote
(C) crocheted. Donated by a reader! Has Photo!



Fidgit Blankets etc

Alzheimer's Activity Mat

Fidget Apron- photo and ideas

How to make a Fidgit lap blanket

Sensory Muff -(C)

Twiddle Muff (K) at Knitting Paradise forum



Amputation Covers Light-weight. Also from the Knitting to Crochet web site.

Catheter Bag Cover (from soldiersangels) (S)

Stoma Covers and Bibs

Several Crocheted and Knit patterns for Stoma Covers -
(C. K)

Stoma Cover (C)

Stoma Cover from soldiersangels (C  archived copy)


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* COPYRIGHT: All content is copyrighted to original creators as stated on their patterns. You may provide a direct LINK to the patterns on my pages, but you may NOT post actual full patterns anywhere in any media form. Any items made from patterns to Beverly Qualheim may be sold, but please make one for charity too.